An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair - N1000

Lola is a neglected wife, who constantly wonders if her husband loves her. She wishes he was much more romantic, and did what he did at the beginning.

Bolu is a busy Lawyer, who is trying his best to provide for his home. After losing a chance at a promotion, he works even harder to prove that he has what it takes to make Senior Partner at his firm.

Danny is a rich man, with nothing but time and money to spend on Lola. He is not faded by the fact that she is married, and takes advantage of the crack in her home.

An Emotional Affair is a riveting romantic story that will grip you from start to finish. Will Lola fall for Danny's advances? Will Bolu wake up in time to deliver his wife from Danny's trap? Will their lives ever be the same again?



15 thoughts on “An Emotional Affair

  1. Ufuoma E-Ashogbon
    Ufuoma E-Ashogbon says:

    This book was reviewed by Blogger and Author, Onome Omodara, on Instagram at

    “Review for the Emotional Affair

    @ufuomaee you are the ink that never runs dry and on this book you have outdone yourself. The push was so glaring, it was obvious you wanted to create an extraordinary story with a deep touch of reality! It sure came out well!
    While reading this book, the writer in me already calculated the end but you went into our minds and surprised us.
    This book is not the regular one, it was really intriguing and hard to resist. You made it so real and you thought us once again that challenges in marriage can be worked on.
    You are that amazing writer who is giving us a great hope that marriage can still work even in the heat of challenges.
    The way you use your writing to preach the gospel oh @ufuomaee it challenges the writer in me. God blessed this generation with you. You are the light that keeps shining.

    Emotional affair was worth every second. Bolu and Lola’s story is one of faith, forgiveness, trust, surrender and love!
    I loved how you gave us some beautiful suspense and I almost thought she was going to say Yes to Danny.
    Kudos to you sis. You are the don and I do love you.
    Thank you for the gift of this book you gave me an early Christmas gift. Thank you
    #onomewrites #author #Writer #okadabooks #UfuomaeeReviews #ufuomaee #amazing #letsmakejesusfamous

  2. Oyin Ola
    Oyin Ola says:

    I read the book “An Emotional Affair” and I enjoyed every bit of it. The suspense, the characters, the twist, the faith angle, the turning point and all.

    No dull moments reading Ufuomaee’s books.

    Each one keeps taking you to her next book.

    Keep it up dear.

  3. Damilola Olawoye says:

    Just finished reading ‘An Emotional Affair’. Really captivating book with life lessons for young couples. Well done ????

  4. Echiri Janet says:

    An Emotional Affair a lovely book lots of lessons and I love the the fact that the scriptures was part of the story and it had a happy ending. Would really love to get more of ur books..

  5. Marian Okitavwota says:

    I have finished reading An Emotional Affair, and l was very delighted with it because it made me understand the importance of valuing our position in marriage. And l also learned to have strong love and value for our partner. We do not want to hide our love from each other, we want to practice it all the time to keep it growing, and we should be truthful with each other, so we can have solid trust in our partner. We need to share our problems together and commit them to our heavenly father. Lastly, we ought to practice forgiveness, always ready to forgive each other freely just as our heavenly father forgives us without charge. As you do this, remember that both of you are not two, but one, in union with Christ. Thanks for reading my review. Please try and get your copy. You will really enjoy reading it, as it will add a lot of wisdom to your marriage.

  6. Tracy Okitavwota says:

    The book “An Emotional Affair” is a lovely, interesting and educative book. I just finish reading it and there is so much I gained from it. I strongly recommend this book for married couples. Two major point I would like to share is knowing your place in your marriage and the importance of forgiveness. No need to write much, get a copy now?
    More grace, wisdom, Knowledge, and understanding to u @ufuomaee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I always enjoy reading your books.

  7. Opemipo Omosa says:

    First of all, I’m going to fight with anyone that sees this book and doesn’t even attempt to read it.
    An Emotional Affair is a book that touches on very important issues that everyone can learn from. I have to commend Ufuomaee for writing a book with such great lessons without it coming across as preachy.
    I was able to feel the emotions of every character especially Lola. There were some decisions she made that made me want to enter the book and say ‘No’ but at the same time I could also relate with her thoughts.
    In conclusion, this was a great read and I am definitely going to read it again and recommend to everyone I know

  8. Elvira says:

    Reading ‘An Emotional Affair ‘ was one of my few highlights during the ‘lockdown’.
    A fantastic read through and through…written by a fantastic author!

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