Book Of The Month – August 2019

Welcome to the Month of My Birth everyone!  This month also marks the birth of two of my titles, Perfect Love and The House Girl, that will be a year old on the 2nd and 8th respectively.  As I mark this special anniversary, I’ve chosen one of these titles as my book of the month!

The House Girl is the book of the month.  It’s an amazing story that captures many realities in life; addressing child abuse, mental health, marriage and fertility issues, among many.  I personally think it would be a great one to add to any academic syllabus, due to the many lessons children stand to take away.

It normally sells at N600 on my website and at Okadabooks, but for this month only, you can get it for 30% discount only at Books By Ufuomaee.  For more options on where you can get the book to read in ebook or paperback format, CLICK HERE.

To order to read on this site, simply go to and then make sure you register too.

The book is available freely to all my patrons and Book Club members only for one month!  If you are not a Book Club member, do check out the RULES to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.


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