Book Of The Month – February 2019

Welcome to the Love Month everyone!  This is the season for celebrating Valentines and everything romantic!  It’s also a special time of the year to show some love and be charitable to others less fortunate.  Do you have any special plans?

I’ve chosen Perfect Love as the book of the month!  It’s a great story about the realest and most important expression of love – unconditional love, through the many challenges that may arise in marriage.

It normally sells at N900 on my website and at Okadabooks, but for this month only, you can get it for 30% discount on both platforms!  Here is the link to buy on Okadabooks.  It is also available on Amazon as an ebook on Kindle and in paperback too.  I have a few copies locally for those who would like to order the paperback to read instead.

To order to read on this site, simply go to and then make sure you register too.

The book is available freely to all my patrons and Book Club members only for one month!  If you are not a Book Club member, do check out the RULES to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.


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