Book Of The Month – July 2019

Grace and Truth, The Collection, contains 30 articles that speak of our chains and our liberty in Christ.  Ufuomaee shares a balanced perspective about sin and holiness, in light of Grace and Truth, to encourage believers and also grant unbelievers an understanding of the Christian Faith.  It is our book of the month!

This means that, if you are a Book Club Member, you can read this book free all month!  And if not, the ebook is available at 30% discount, only on  If you are local, you can buy it from

To order to read on this site, simply go to and then make sure you register too.

The book is available freely to all my patrons and Book Club members only for one month!  If you are not a Book Club member, do check out the RULES to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.


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