Perfect Love

Perfect Love - N900

Unhappily married Onome meets her ex-boyfriend and "the love of her life" just months before her sixth wedding anniversary. Now, she can't get him out of her head, as she reminisces about way back when, recalling promises of unending love. It really doesn't help that they are now neighbours, and he seems just as interested in going down memory lane as she...

After Temi finds and reads his wife's diary, he is certain that nothing can ever make them whole again. To make matters worse, he has already found comfort in another woman's arms. How do you fight to keep a marriage that your heart is no longer in...?

If you loved Broken or An Emotional Affair, you will love this story about forsaken love, temptation, betrayal and redemption. It's an emotional telling from start to finish with lots of lessons about life, faith and marriage.

10 thoughts on “Perfect Love

  1. Henry Nwoko
    Henry Nwoko says:

    In PERFECT LOVE, Ufuomaee has shown yet again why she’s good at what she does.
    Captivating, Fascinating, and Revealing are used to describe my thought for this book.
    The characters, I must say, just come to life and the emotions are so powerful.
    The storyline is very practical with so many lessons to be learnt.
    It is one of those books I’ll read again and again.
    If you’re looking for a Christian romantic book to read, I recommend PERFECT LOVE!

  2. Awoyomi Oluwadamilola
    Awoyomi Oluwadamilola says:

    Wow, i just love the way Ufuomaee writes. The suspense, the thrill, the emotions and all. It just feels so right. I learnt so much from this book, especially God’s love and how He must always come first in our relationships. Keep it up Ufuomaee

  3. Ejay A
    Ejay A says:

    This book moved me in ways I didn’t think I could be moved. The story was engaging and fun and the pace of development was believable. I also really liked the plot and twists in the story because that is what life is….nothing is ever easy. However beyond the story, the underlying message was so clear and profound. It moved me to tears….this book is a wonderful resource for couples and marriages in our present times with the levels of stress, strife and failures all around us, I believe it is important to have fictional but believable works such as this, that give people tools and wisdom to forge ahead. Everyone can take something away from this one. Even if you are not in the same situation, this book will help on your journey. The counsellor’s messages and support were so on point….everything literally came together on this one. I also recommend reading the bible passages sprinkled throughout the text and reflecting on them individually and in the context of your own experiences. I believe this will be a blessing to everyone who does this. This is truly a piece of art. Thank you Ufuomaee!

  4. Iyanuoluwa Ojebode
    Iyanuoluwa Ojebode says:

    I love the way Ufuomaee didn’t make the story to end quickly, especially at the point when they both made up initially. I want to say thank you ma and kudos.
    God loves us even in our weakest moments, but our ability to get these things into our head is the issue.
    Ufuomaee could have just written that Onome trusted God, even several episodes after her personal encounter with God in the hospital, she still choose not to trust in God. She just gave up and felt ‘see I’ m tired of all these ish, let me just sign these papers and free this guy’, and that’s where reality comes in. I connect so well with the lines and many of these things happen in real life. May God help us to remember that He’s always there for us no matter what.

  5. Onojeharho John says:

    I just finished gulping Perfect Love and the taste and urge for more is unquenchable Perfect Love is perfectly expressed and a must read for all who desire and demand perfect love either as married or singles

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