The Naive Wife – Rachel’s Hope

Rachel’s Hope picks up from Rachel’s Diary, after she is confronted with the truth about her husband…or is it? Rachel’s not sure about a lot of things anymore, but she’s sure of one; God loves her. In that, she has hope.

Through the challenges of her marriage, a dream is birthed. Rachel discovers that she is well-positioned to help other women in need and seizes the opportunity with both hands. By providence, she meets Isaiah, a widower with a little girl, who loves God and, as she later discovers, loves her too. Rachel finds herself confronted with another choice to make.

Will she seize this opportunity for a new love, or will the old love of her life win the battle for her heart?

Rachel’s Hope is the last book in The Naive Wife Trilogy about love, faith, and marriage. It deals with hard truths about our world and our hearts, and it may just give you a whole new perspective on life. It is a must-read for singles and married folks alike.


10 thoughts on “The Naive Wife – Rachel’s Hope

  1. Tracy Okitavwota says:

    After reading Rachel diary, I had so much expections for Rachel hope. Am not a fan of Rachel patience because am a firm believer that marriage take two people who are ready to be committed to each other for it to work. Communication, love, trust, intimacy, and many more are ingredients of a good marriage, when all of these are not in the marriage, try to work more on building yourself, your children (if you have many) and your business (marriage is not do or die) Back to the book, Rachel hope meet up with all my expectations, I won’t change any scene. If really you are a fan of Rachel diary, get Rachel hope because it’s filled with Romance, Love ?go get your I have given you too much expose ?
    I was thinking if we could try and have a baby’No we can’t try’ because am already pregnant (the scene really got me emotional???) I believe this book will help both married and singles. I really want to Thank Ufuoma Emerhor the writer of this book, because I believe this book will save both Men and Woman who are struggling in their marriage. I pray for abundant grace, wisdom, knowledge ?you are Loved❤️❤️

  2. Esther Oke
    Esther Oke says:

    The naive wife series has been a journey with hard-core knowledge.

    Ufuomaee has a way of writing, which takes her readers to a place, where emotions get loose, breath is held, and heart-pumping, while ministering to you.

    In the Christian world, where a churchgoer, Bible-quoting, looks like a believer, seems to be the right partner to go for, without checking out on character and all of their claims.

    We sometimes forget, there are goats in sheep clothing.

    Most times, the societal pressure to get married, may get in the way of rightful thinking – This series reminds us that, *every decision, we make, is our responsibility.* Also, the society advisors, maybe quoting this back, someday.

    I love the way Rochelle and Ekene, had a good marriage, despite where they had met – a question, mostly raised in Christian singles gathering.

    Ufuomaee has written a series, that speaks the depth of supposedly Christian marriage with flaws from its beginning.

    Where, there had been marital mistakes, should people be condemned to eternal damnation?

    These are questions, we find so hard to answer – when a supposedly Christian marriage, becomes a shamble of what marriage should mean – what is the way forward?

    I have learned lessons, understanding, why people in failed marriages, might go on to have more children.

    I love the growth of Home for mums (H4M) with the board of directors, investors, and stakeholders. Likewise, an illustration of how, every experience comes with a purpose -Your battle is your bread (T.D Jakes).

    Trials and circumstances should not stop us from creating – Beauty. No experience is a waste, it might help, understand better, our purpose beyond already created niches.

    I love, how beautiful, marital sex was narrated by the author without erotic scenes, yet – ‘electric’, ‘ethereal’, ‘explosive’, and blissful, causing ‘pleasure through pulsating parts’.

    The story of Solomon with the two women and a baby, as explained by the author, gave a total biblical illustration, to the narration of Love and Possession.

    This series is a whole sermon – needed deeply.

  3. Rinsola Abiola
    Rinsola Abiola says:

    Rachel’s Hope brings a pleasing and logical conclusion to a series that is hard to put down, and which shares parallels with many real life situations. The book teaches us that patience is not weakness, that true love endures and does what is right, that God guides the heart that trusts in Him and that we do not have to be clothed permanently in garments that cause us distress.

    I particularly enjoyed the romance – there’s a general opinion about religious people being frigid so I really like that the romance was properly explored (not just in Rachel’s Hope, actually, but pretty much through the entire series). There are scenes about intimacy that convey passion and longing without being explicit, and it takes great skill to do that.

    This is a highly enjoyable read that triggers different emotions and reactions at different points. Ufuomaee is a very gifted writer and I hope that she shares more of her talents with the world. The series is a very refreshing take on marriage and relationships, and I like that in Rachel’s Hope, we also get to find out what happened to other characters.

  4. The Fertile Chick says:

    What a lovely conclusion to an amazing trilogy. The thing I love the most about this series is how real and relatable the character of Rachel is. I love that her journey to love and marriage are so very relatable and such that a lot of women will identify with. In these three books, Ufuoma wove a well thought out story from the heart, full of so many gems of truth and knowledge. Yes, I felt like slapping and drop-kicking several characters, and yes, it was an emotional roller coaster at times, but overall, I loved it! Awesome story!

  5. Gloria Oghenejakpo
    Gloria Oghenejakpo says:

    Hi, I just read the Naive wife’s trilogy and I must confess, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. The lessons to be learned are so apt and timely. I practically prayed for Doug’s damnation yet, I’m reminded, he is first and foremost God’s child and He would go to any length to save his soul

    For me, it was the good, the bad and the ugly of this institution called marriage, life and especially our christian walk

    Thanks, Ufuoma, for this work, you may not even begin the comprehend the layers of ignorance and assumptions, you have peeled back with this work. Yet, I wondered, Rachael never had a “mentor”, considering her exposure and the time the story was set in?

    Amazing work

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