The Atheist

The Atheist - Free

Darren is a young, married, Caucasian man, who denies the existence of God. He wakes up one day to a strange reality. He is dead, but he is still conscious. How can that be?

Fortunately for him, he has a guide, Samuel, who prepares him for the moment of reckoning... Darren has to come to terms with the truth that he was wrong about God, life and everything, but he'll be damned before he can say "God is good"!

2 thoughts on “The Atheist

  1. Ejiro says:

    The Atheist is an amazing story by Ufuomaee. Although it’s slightly different from her style of Christian Romance with a lot of drama, this was really interesting and I loved the twist of plot and how the story ended. I really had fun editing the audio version of this book. Well done Ufuomaee. You are a living testimony that when one is called excellence is inevitable. You are called to write and influence thoughts through your writing. God bless you. Keep being amazing.

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