The House Girl

The House Girl - N600

Chinyere is excited when her aunty Chinwe comes to take her to Abuja to work for a rich family, who have also promised to send her to school. However, six months later, she's still out of school and it looks like her emotionally unstable and needy Madam, Osinachi, has no plans on changing that. After a weird but special encounter with her Oga, Donald, Chinyere feels bold enough to bring up the issue with him, so that she can go to school like her mates.

However, Osinachi's suspicions about the pair is awakened when Donald insists that Osinachi gets a nanny, so that Chinyere will have more time for her studies. Osinachi is determined to find out their secret, but is not ready for the other secrets that will be exposed, which threaten to destroy everything she has worked so hard to build...

2 thoughts on “The House Girl

  1. April Obi.E says:

    The House Girl is a complete read. I was spellbound from start to finish. Our weaknesses and sometimes bad judgements is made blatantly obvious and then comes the redeeming grace of God and how everything eventually works together for our good………though a work of fiction, we take a peek into what happens sometimes in the society we live in. Thank you Ufuo, for this glimpse into some life lessons we never have to experience by God’s grace.

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