The Naive Wife (Rachel’s Diary)

The Naive Wife (Rachel's Diary) - N1000!

Three months after making her choice between Ejike, Doug, and Dongjap, Rachel dusts off her diary...

They are expecting a baby, but her marriage is not what she anticipated it would be. But that's just normal, right? Nothing real faith and fervent prayer can't handle...

But as the years go by, Rachel wonders maybe she's been looking at things all wrong. Maybe it's not too late to make a different choice...

Rachel's Diary is the second volume of The Naive Wife trilogy on love, marriage, and faith. It is an entertaining and eye-opening read for singles and married folks alike.

6 thoughts on “The Naive Wife (Rachel’s Diary)

  1. Folashade Oguntoyinbo says:

    Where do I start?
    The Naive Wife has actually been an eye opener for me, especially in terms of choosing a life partner.
    It made me realize that you should not judge a book by its cover. You should not judge someone by their past like the case of Ejike.
    I have learnt to open my heart wide for the leading of the Holy Spirit and not to be distracted no matter the pressure of life.
    Thank you so much, Ufuomaee for this beautiful piece.
    It really gladdens my heart.
    More inspiration.

  2. The Fertile Chick says:

    Ufuoma is a teacher. Standing ovation for the love and marriage nuggets in this book. I love that she tackled the controversial issue of “hearing” from God, when it might be a case of misguided decision making. With this second book, so invested in the characters have I become that I spent the better part of the book so ANGRY at one, if not more, of the central characters. I’m also not pleased about the wait to find out how everything unfolds. But wait I will…and with bated breath too. Well done, Ufuoma. It was an enjoyable read!

  3. Victory Egbo
    Victory Egbo says:

    The Naive wife- Rachel’s Diary is the second part of the three part book.
    The book carries us through the lives of Rachel after marriage. She faces the effects of her choice. She sees how she misinterpreted God’s word to her and how it made her marriage miserable.
    It has actually opened my eyes to a lot of things. On how we should really be clear on what we want and how we should not make decisions for God or misinterpret his words to us.
    It also talked about acknowledging whatever signs that was there during courtship/dating and making a decision about them.
    This book is relatable and recommended to both single, married, male and female. It will take you through many emotions.
    This book reflects the Christian walk and how many people make mistakes thinking they are doing the right thing. It even reminds us that temptations are bound to arise but how we handle it matters alot..
    I love this book so much and there are a lot to learn from it. I can’t wait for the Part three and I’m rooting for Rachel.
    Well done Ufuomaee. It was inspiring and educative.

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